Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fast Food!

My children have never been to McDonalds....well, except my oldest two....once.  When my youngest were REALLY young and I was completely overwhelmed (4 children.. ages 2 and under!), my dad took my older girls to get ice-cream through the McDonalds' drive-through.
For years after that, they would point to the "Golden Arches" and say, "Ice-cream!"
I would laugh to myself and let them think that McDonalds was indeed an ice-cream store.

Fast forward 7 years.  My children who are now 10, 10, 7, and 7 love to watch "The Cartoon Network."  Batman, Ninjago, Clone get the idea.  And, unlike PBS, which used to be THE channel around here, there are commercials.  They are all kid oriented (of course), and my kids like to laugh at them, especially the one for McDonalds.  Because they now know what McDonalds is.....and what it isn't.  They joke that the children are eating "pesticide apples" (their words) and looking so happy about it.  They joke that our dentist (our dentist!) offered the kids McDonalds' coupons at Halloween time, and then when we told him that we are vegetarians and don't eat there, he said that they have apple juice and apples.
He was trying to be nice......but what the heck?!?  Would I really choose to take my kids to McDonalds to get apples???  Really?!?

Today in the car, one of my youngest, Leah, said that she made up a new jingle, like the one for McDonalds, only with new words:
"Smoooothie moves, Dairy free food....." (sung to her own, unique tune)
Loved this and just had to share.  I'm glad that my kids are starting to understand how certain popular things in American life are not ok and that we choose differently in our family.  I'm proud of them for understanding these choices and hope that they continue to make wise food choices in their futures.

So, what do we do when we need some "fast food?"  We stop at our local natural food store, of course!  Hummus and a bag of tortilla chips, along with some fruit, is fast, easy, healthy, and delicious!

I'll leave you with our version of a "Happy Meal."  There are no toys included, but lots of smiles and laughter come for free.

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