Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No Animals were Harmed in the Making of this Meal!

I love getting creative in the kitchen.  Last night, I put chickpeas in the fridge to soak overnight.  This morning, as they were cooking, I started thinking about what to make for dinner.  I wasn't inspired by any of my usual chickpea go-to dinners, so I started doing some research.  In one of my favorite cookbooks, Veganomicon, I found exactly what I was looking for.....Chickpea Cutlets.  
These were AWESOME and so easy!  And, boy, were they a hit around here.
When Mike (aka omnivorous husband/daddy and the man who doesn't like chickpeas) finished, he said, "Please make these again!"  Don't worry, love, I will!

After I tasted the finished cutlets, I realized that "gravy" would be the perfect companion for this yummy, "meaty" dish.  I remembered that Emily at Daily Garnish had a recipe for gravy which I had made awhile ago and found to be delish.  It was finished in 5 minutes and SO GOOD!  A perfect match, indeed.

Leftover brown basmati rice, green beans, and carrot sticks (along with smoothies) rounded out this meal and really made me reminisce about meals that I enjoyed as a child.  Of course, as a child the cutlets were made from chicken or veal and the gravy had many questionable ingredients...but you get the idea.  

This meal was healthy, so delicious, easy, and best of animals were hurt in the process.  

The raw chickpea patties just waiting to be cooked golden brown and yummy!

The finished product...golden brown, crispy on the outside, delicious through and through!

Try them and see for yourself!


  1. Excellent.
    I've got to get that veganomicon again.

  2. Yes, April, it is one of my favorites (as you know)! :)