Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Banana "Ice Cream!"

I don't know which site I first discovered the AMAZING banana "ice cream" on, but this recipe is all over the web.  Boy, am I glad that I stumbled upon it a few years ago!

The recipe is simple, though we jazz it up a bit sometimes.  The plain version is simply frozen organic bananas mashed up in our Vitamix blender.  Sometimes you have to let them sit for 5 minutes before they will really whip into an "ice creamy" texture.  When you get it right, the Vitamix makes a sound like it is dying, but the result is the creamiest, dreamiest, healthiest dessert around.

To jazz it up a bit, sometimes we put a splash of coconut milk into the blender along with the bananas.  Other times, we add a smidge of vanilla extract.  We sometimes add raw cacao pieces as we mix or even a little sunflower seed butter or tahini.  We love to top it with all sorts of things.....chopped nuts, coconut, more raw cacoa pieces, vegan chocolate chips, ground up flaxseeds (so good!) or wheat germ.  

Make it your own!  And, don't be shy about serving this anytime of the day (or night).  One of our best breakfasts is a banana "ice cream" bar with toppings covering the table for each person to choose from.

The Vitamix filled with frozen bananas

The whipped banana....reminding me of soft serve ice cream

My banana "ice cream" topped with ground flaxseeds and sunbutter!

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