Thursday, March 15, 2012

Juicy Juice

We really don't drink a lot of juice.  I think that it is viewed as a healthy choice for our children, but I absolutely disagree.  Fruit, in it's whole state, is full of fiber and nutrients.  But once you remove the fibrous parts of the fruit, you are left with sugar, even if it did come from something healthy.  Apple juice, which seems to be the favorite "kid" juice, really gets me because it has no significant nutritonal value and could even be likened to drinking soda.  A little extreme, I know, but I'm just not a fan of commercial juice for everyday consumption.
Juicing your own fruits and veggies, however, can be fun and nutritious!

When my children have juice (besides at a restaurant or party), it's because I made it.  I love to mix veggies with fruit, especially citrus, to create a yummy, healthy drink for them. The sweet fruit juice makes the bolder tastes of the veggies more palatable to children, and it gives them a burst of nutrition and energy to start their day!

Beautiful oranges and grapefruits ready to be juiced.

Love this close-up that Amelia took of the fruits.

Today's smoothie combination is citrus combined with carrots.  I often add spinach too, but I was out of it today.

Here is my juicing set-up.  I'm using my husband's "Grumpy" cup to catch our sunshiny juice.  :)

Look at that beautiful full of vitamins and nutrition.  

A cup full of sunshine!

If you haven't tried juicing, give it a whirl.  It is easy and delicious and favorite combination!

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